Beyond the recipes;
towards the future of smarter kitchens

Where there is a recipe, there’s always a cook, and awaiting smiles.

“OiCy” is a smart kitchen service that
makes everyday hand-made cooking experience
and the users’ daily lives prosperous by connecting people,
appliances and recipes all together.
OiCy Service
OiCy is a service that integrates recipes with various appliances.

Recipes posted on Cookpad will be provided to the appliances in a machine-readable form.
By integrating appliances and recipes, OiCy will allow cooks to follow recipes more easily and to cook more freely.

OiCy will become the bridge connecting recipes and appliances, making kitchens smarter all around the world.
Concept model
Condiment Dispenser
OiCy Taste
Cookpad Assets
4.3 Million+
(March 2018)
Big Data
related to Recipes
90 Million+
Monthly Service Users
(March 2018)
Service provided in
68 countries /
23 languages
(March 2018)
Data Analytics and
Machine Learning in R&D